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Hello and welcome to Jenn Chantnicki's Back to the Boardwalk, a look at Boardwalk and Baseball from a one time visitors point of view. Upon reading the other B&B page, Jenn took it upon herself to research the history of the park, from its inception, to its opening, and subsequent closing on Jan. 17, 1990. This is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most complete Boardwalk and Baseball site on the net. So, grab a soda, and kick off those shoes, because we are about ready to take you on an adventure......Back to the Boardwalk.

A note before we get started: Mostly all pictures contained in the following pages were obtained from photocopies of original documents. Therefore, mostly all pictures contained within these pages are in greyscale rather than color. The color images are those of the bullet provided by Dave Torok. Please visit his Roller Coaster page by Clicking Here
Circus World image provided by JediDolfin. Special Thanks to Ken F.
All other research was sent to me from Jenn

Before you get started its always wise to check out the brochure to see if you really want to visit. Contained here is one of the original full B&B brochures.
What ever went wrong with the circus? the story of how HBJ got its hands on the property called Circus World, and changed it into a theme park legend
A 'New' Theme park opens the story of how HBj got its hands on Circus World, and changed it into a theme park legend.
So, What is There To Do? looks into the parks rides, shows, and restaurants.
What Happened to the Weiner Looping? the story of the coaster that didn't make it into BWaB
The Closing of a Legend the last days of a dying theme park