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The Villanova Biology Honors Society
Villanova Biology Honors Society

Welcome to the Villanova Biology Honors Society Home Page.
We are either Beta Beta Beta or Phi Sigma

Coming Soon

Pres: Sat Chel. T Wookie
Vice: Anthony "Hot" Tamale
Treas: "Gay" Chris La Rose
Sec: Captain Kurt

Mascot: Fruit Fly Guru, and Half Ploid Barbie

Our Motto:

Peace and Love Through Fruit Flies

Aims of our society:
To make Chris "Straight" Chris La Rose
To create a f**kin monument to f**kin Elias because of the f**kin way he always said f**k
To take over the Chemistry room, then Mendel Hall, then the campus, then the world
To create the first half ploid, Fruit Fly-Human Crossover (besides Guru)

Secrets of our society:
Chris secretly stars as Barney the Friendly Purple Dinosuar in his free time
Everyone In Our Group is Italian But Sat
Guru secretly pretends to be Chris's girlfriend "Colleen" in his free time