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Facts about Boardwalk and Baseball
Facts about Boardwalk and Baseball

The following info was obtained from a 1988 guidebook on Disney and Orlando, about Boardwalk and Baseball:

It was a blend of Amusement park, baseball, and nostalgia. The nostalgia hit you even before you enter the park. From the parking lot, you could see the Boardwalk Theater, which had on its sides fourty foot reproductions of Norman Rockwell paintings.

All of this led into a mile long boardwalk with rides, shows, and exhibits

Inside you found an old fashioned amusement park, with

A carousel

Bumper Cars

A sixteen story high Ferris Wheel

The Florida Hurricane, their wooden roller coaster

Kids rides

A midway, lined with games

and the latest in courage testing and stomach wrenching thrill rides

For the baseball fans:

The Baseball theater housed a 30 minute film tracing the history of the game through its superstars

There was also an exhibit known as "A Taste of Cooperstown", from Cooperstown, NY, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, it housed photographs, equipment, and uniforms to trace Baseball's evolution

There were batting cages, for you to test your own baseball prowess with mechanically fired balls

And six Baseball fields, where the Kansas City Royals, minor league, college, and amateur teams could often be seen playing

The Royal Lipizzan Stallion Show was held in a 2000 seat wooden arena, and featured snow white horses performing to classical music without hand or voice commands.

The Boardwalk theater offered a variety of live entertainment

The Imax Theater, which housed a sixty foot screen, and at the time the author wrote this, was showing a fourty minute film on the Grand Canyon