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Walt Disney World Impressions

The following letters were sent to me recently by veteran Disneyland visitor Dan Chiang, who just returned a few weeks ago from a trip to WDW. I have posted these up as sort of a preview of the discussion Dan and I plan to post over the summer about the differences between the parks, and why he has the impressions he does.

In the mean time, enjoy these letters

Letter One

Subject: My Trip
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Well, I'm back. I missed the California climate. The Florida climate was really terrible, but it was worth putting up with for the experiences I had. Performing at Epcot was a definate highlight. Let me just give you a description of what I did.

Orlando International Airport (MCO)
This was a very nice airport. Probably one of the nicest I've ever seen. The monorail between terminals was interesting. Also, not seeing any buildings surrounding the airport was unique. It really set the mood for this trip. I wasn't in the big city any more. A week before I left for the tip I had seen the movie Wild Things, which was set in Florida. Being in Florida seemed just like being in the movie.

All-Star Music Resort
Everyone we were traveling with was starving when we got to the hotel. I had packed some snacks but they were in my luggage. We had to set off for the airport at 4:00 AM so most of us had breakfast arounf 3:30. We had some of Delta Airline's infamous food (small portions/so-so quality), but that was around 8 AM. It was 4:00 PM East Coast time by the time we made it to the resort. We had some resort pizza that had been ordered before hand. I really liked the resort pizza. I ordered it to my room many times. It was good pizza that wasn't too greasy, just the way I like it. The room was a lot smaller than I expected and I would not recommend it for groups more than three. We had two guys on the floor and two guys on the bed. We rotated daily. I am a pretty big buy (6 ft tall) and I felt sorry for the guy sleeping on the floor that I constantly stepped on. The room wasn't that bad compared to some of the other rooms I've stayed in in my travels. However we were put in the Country Music wing. Although I don't like country music the decor didn't bother me half as much as the fact that it was a 10 minute walk to the food court. I bought the refillable mug everyone online suggests and I made sure I drank at least 8 cups to get my 7.99 worth, but the long walk to the food court simply wasn't worth it. The food court food was OK, better than fast food, but some of the stuff served there seemed very underprepared (drippy eggs).

Luau at the Polynesian Resort
The Polynesian Resort was nice. The view along the Seven Seas Laggon was great. I looked into some of the rooms that had open curtains and it seemed as if the rooms weren't worth some of the prices I had seen for it. We got our shell necklaces, I don't know why, but I love getting stuff I wasn't expecting. I know the the 19.99 the 'Ohana restaurant was charging probably included the necklace, but it was still nice and helped the mood of the evening. It might have been awkward watching scantily clad dancers all night, but since we all looked silly in our shell necklaces it really loosened us up. The food was great but we finished it too fast to truly enjoy it. I have been to a lot of dinner shows (Medieval Times, Wild Bill's) but I felt that this one was very intimate and I enjoyed it, but I felt that they didn't integrate the dinner with the show too good. We were all finished eating before the show started. The show was also a bit too educational. It felt like one of those non-educational things that they try to make educational by adding a fact here and there. The little bit about polynesian dress and customs seemed really forced and did not fit in with the dance show at all. I would probably not do this again, but overall I did enjoy it.

Our first park. It was also where we performed. It was a bit of a dissappointment the first day due to the lack of rides, but the second day we learned to truly enjoy Epcot the way it was meant to be explored and we ran out of time to do everything we wanted to. I don't know if it was due to the large size of the park, but it seemed very deserted.
Here is a list of attractions from the souvenir guide and my thoughts on each-

Future World
Spaceship Earth- We were smart and waited until the end of the day for this ride. The CM there really ruined this ride for us. We had seen the queue earlier in the day. The queue had been divided into two and both lead to the main entrance way. When we went on the ride in the afternoon we entered one queue, the first one we saw. However when we went to the front of the line we discovered that there was no line in that queue. Being ultra impatient we just pushed our way into line. At most we went in front of 15 people. Then some guy in a suit comes out of no where and yells at us. Then he yells at the CM that was watching over the line for letting us do so. He gave us a huge lecture and threatened to kick us out of the park. So we went to the back of the line and were on the line 2 minutes later. We were still pissed at the guy pulling his little power trip and didn't enjoy the ride too much. I can barely remember what was in it. I think it was kind of dull and I nodded off a few times. That jerk really ruined it for us. Although we didn't enjoy the ride, the structure it was in was awesome, I must admit. It was like nothing else on Earth. The sheer size was overwhelming.
Global Neighborhood Village- Didn't stay here for long. We were too pissed at the CM.
Ellen's Energy Adventure-I saw the preshow, it was pretty funny. But once I sat down in the nice air conditioned room I fell asleep. I woke up expecting to be in the theater, but imagine my surprise when I was in the dinosaur world. It took me a second to realize that I was still in the same ride and I fell back asleep. I like what I saw , but my friends who had managed to stay awake told me it was pretty boring and I didn't miss much.
Body Wars- First ride I went on in Florida. Walked right on, no line. It was fun and I felt that it was more fun than Star Tours, but I really didn't like the plot. I had no idea of the plot. Why were we going into this poor guy's body? It was a good ride, but the plot need more explanation.
Cranium Command- My second favorite ride in all of Epcot. It was cute and funny. This was simply a simple idea well done. The puzzles in the queue were hard. We had to ask the CM who refered us to the little boy in the front of the ride who had gotten it. Boy we felt dumb. This was a good ride.
Horizons- NUMBER ONE RIDE IN ALL OF EPCOT! We went on it three time to see all the endings. There was sadly no line. We thought it was closed. A CM was measuring the doors for some reason and we thought it was closed for maintenance, but luckily it was open. I loved the IMAX screens and also this ride was done in the utopian future style of the old Tomorrowland, but was very touching (the part at the end that shows how families come together despite the vast distances was great). A very good ride. It'll be a pity to see it go. Maybe we'll get it in Anaheim or they keep parts of it for use in the new Space pavilion. What I love is how everything come together in the end like an episode of Seinfeld. The boyfriend in the water and the children are seen toward the end swimming together and again the touching birthday scene. This ride's vision of the future seems more likely than Tomorrowland's and it looks pretty bright. One question what happens if say 2 people pick Space and 2 pick Sea?
Innovations- Not much to say, except we spent more time here than we should have. There seemed to be some sort of game around a circular table in one of the Innovations. It was sposonsored be AT&T and had a very long line. What was that? Loved the being interviewed by Leno exhibit
Test Track- Not open, but they did have a bunch of GM vehicles on display. The second day we were there they cut holes in the constructions wall so we could see the ride and also brought out a ride vehicle. That only made me want to go on it more.
The Living Seas- I slept throught the movie, I found it really boring and dark. Seemed dated compared to some of Cousteau's stuff (my dad is a big Cousteau fan we have 3 aquriums at home). The Aqualators seemed an unnessesary touch and were a bother. The display was a lot better than Sea World's Aquariums but seemed dirtier.
Journey Into Imagination- I missed this. I completely forgot about this attraction. I saw the huge line for Honey and just avoided the pavilion.
Honey I Shrunk The Audience- Missed this one, I'll be sure to catch it in Anaheim, rumor has it that the Anaheim version will have way more special effects.
Image Works- What's this?
The Circle of Life- Missed this one too. Someone told me that it wasn't worth seeing. I heard that it was only partially animated and was mostly stock footage of pollution
Food Rocks- Loved this one. The songs were stuck in my head for the rest of my stay. We tried to find a soundtrack but couldn't. WDW really should put out a soundtrack. There is a Disneyland one avalible. There is even a DL sing along video.
Living With the Land- I felt so bad on this ride since I kept nodding off and was sitting right in front of the guide. This ride was a lot more interesting than I expected, but I was just so tired that everyride involving over 5 minutes of sitting put me to sleep. The nice part was seeing where some of the food I ate at Epcot was grown.

World Showcase
El Rio del Tiempo- This ride kinda sucked. The fake looking effects, the jumping between animatronics and cartoonly style dolls, and the fact that the ride was backed up near the exit didn't help make it one of my favorite ride. I loved the pavilion though.
MaelStrom- Ride was OK. The drops were a bit of the disappointment, but the ride itself was nicely built. Why did the narrator have such a heavy accent? I couldn't figure out a thing he was saying. Either let him have perfect english or let him speak Norwegin and let us have a taste of what Norwegin tourist are going through. Didn't stay for the video though. Almost died on this ride too. The person in charge didn't tell us the doors opened out wards. I probably would have been squished by the self-opening doors had I not seen the scruff marks on the floor. I felt bad about skipping the video since the CM said "Now for a video about my country" and half the people walked out. I like the Norway pavilion.
China- In my opinion this was the most beautiful pavilion. I remeber th film from Anaheim so I skipped it.
Outpost- Sort of an Africa/Adventurland I totally didn't expect to see this. No book I've ever read has even mentioned this.
Germany- Looked at this land in passing. Had no attractions other than the restaurants. Didn't seem like there was much to see.
Italy- A nice looking pavilion, The viewing area with the gondolas along the lagoon was pretty neat.
American Adventure- Ate hear forgot about the show. Hate myself for missing this one.
Japan- Again a beautiful pavilion without much to do. Loved the Japanese style shaved ice expecially on the hot day that I was there.
Morocco- Didn't go into this pavilion but I did shop by some of the shops.
France- Didn't go in. Heard that there is a nice arcade in it though. I bought a lot of stuff here since I take French in school and I'm going to try to get extra credit by telling my teacher that I went to France.
UK- Didn't stop here. Walked by, seemed nice.
Canada- Looked at some of the Totem poles, that's about it.

Notes on Epcot-
It wasn't what I expected.
I liked the FriendShip cruises.
The fact that each pavilion was staffed by actual people from the countries gave the World Showcase a sense of authenticity.
Ate at Sunshine Seasons Food Fair- the food was about the quality of a mall food court. The fact that much of what I ate was grown on Epcot was neat. I had a terriyaki potatoe for lunch here.
Coral Reef- Small portions and very expensive. I had the swordfish, lobster soup, and a daquri. It was very good though. Something you should do at least once in your life.
Liberty Inn- Had a chicken burger. It was pretty good. Tasted less greasy than any burger I've ever had a t Disneyland.
They had some sort of Family Circle Magazine Presents event while I was in Epcot. All the countries featured some sort of arts and craft for kids. I remember China having some sort of paper cutting activity and the poor Morocco guy has now one doing his activity. I thought Disney should be praised for having something for little kids to do. I know how bored Epcot can be for them.

Magic Kingdom
Haunted Mansion- The exterior is different from Disneyland's. It is scary but in it's own way. Who's hearse was that outside. The one in Anaheim is Brigham Young's. This is very similar to DL's but I have to say DL's is better. Not because it has something that Florida doesn't but because parts of it is presented differently. For example, the changing pictures and rotating heads in the first part of the ride are part of the quese area in DL. It allow guests to get a closer look and try to figure it out. That is the only major difference.
It's A Small World- The building that it is housed in isn't as spectacular as DL's and the ride is basically the same. I'd say DL's is better just because of the building, but the MK ride is better just because it cover up more of the mechanisms of the ride, whearas DL's has many exposed wires and similar problems.
ToonTown- Not half as large as Anaheim's. I didn't go into any building so I can't comment much except to say that DL's looks much more like a town. I went on Goofy's Barnstormers twice. It is much better that the Gadget Coaster at DL.
Alien Encounter- IT was very awesome. I was choosen to be transported (of course the CEO took my place). I see this ride as being good for WDW, but if it was in DL it wouldn't be as popular. The surprise factor would be gone after a few rides and DL has much more frequent visitors than MK. Timekeeper- Very nice. A little too French (it was originally a DL Paris attraction) I love the look at the futuristic Paris. Was that a Horizons reference I heard in this ride? I liked this ride a lot, but again it felt too French and I didn't relate too much with it.
Walt Disney's Carosel of Progress- It was really great being in the revolving theater. I loved America Sings in DL when I was little. This was a very nostalgic experience. The song replaced the Food Rocks songs in my head. Another song that I had stuck in my head was the Horizons song, but I didn't really get the lyrics to that one since I only heard it briefly.
Tomorrowland Arcade- One thing I noticed is that Florida arcades are expensive. Starcade in DL's Tomorrowland has newer games and is a lot cheaper. Probably due to the higher number of locals at DL.
TTA- Another nostalgic ride. I loved it a lot.

MK Notes-
For one reason or another MK was very crowded. Space Mountain had a one hour and 10 minute line. That is long even for a busy day here in Anaheim. But Anaheim Space Mountain has a larger ride capacity. It seems as if the two parks learn from each other.
Compared to DL the MK castle looks very plain in the morning, but at night it is very beautiful.
I missed a lot of rides I wanted to go one because of the long lines for every ride.
I loved the train. It doesn't have as many stops as DL, but all are the forward facing cars. DL has side facing cars that don't give you the feeling of riding an actual train. I met a very nice CM named Eric who told us a lot about the park. He was a really nice guy.
I've been having frozen lemonades for a long time (they were selling those things in Knott's and then Universal started selling them, Disney is just starting to sell them, but I find theirs a lot better than Universal's), I had my first Raspberry Frozen Lemonade at MK. It was really good. I had it at the Enchanted Grove in Fantasyland. The guy working there was wearing a Tomorrowland costume.
Ate at the Columbia Harbour House (great Clam chowder in a bread bowl, though I got more bread that chowder) I loved the decor. I like Liberty Square, I hope they do the Disney's America idea. I don't like the pay first, get food later service at WDW. It seems impersonal. Everytime the person in front of me had a problem with their order it held up the line for a long time. The lines were crazy. I couldn't get on anything. There was a half hour wait for the Skyway.

Downtown Disney
Mannequins- The food was only so-so but the place was awesome. The lights and rotating dance floor gave the place a real charm and also the bubble machines was cool. The DJ was pretty good but he only played fast songs. I wanted to hear some slow jams, but they had basically all upbeat music. We did request California Love by Tupac and scare everyone there with our westcoast style dancing (again I'm a big guy) a lot of the people there must of thought us gangsters.
AMC 24 Theaters- These are some of the nicest theaters I've ever been in. The lobby was full of movie memorabilia and the arcade games were newer than anything else I'd seen on the whole property. The seats were plush and comfy and the arm rests removable. There was a very small audience for Mr Nice Guy so I lifted a bunch of armrest and reclined over 5 seats. I unfortunatley fell asleep to what people are calling the best Jackie Chan movie ever.
DownTown Disney Note-
The stores and restaurants were only so-so. It just couldn't compare to Universal's Citywalk, but the waterfront was a nice touch.

Disney MGM Studio
Beauty and the Beast- no show was on when I passed and I didn't want to wait. The theater was really impressive though
Tower of Terror- A very good ride. I went on it twice, its even scarier at night. Whearas Alien Encounter told the plot well I think this ride failed there. I love the Twilight zone and this didn't really have much to do with the Twilight zone. Please exlplain this ride to me. I liked the drop and some of the images was pretty eerie, but what did it have to do with anything? Disney Animation- line was way too long and since it was a 45 minute foot tour and it was our last day our feet couldn't take it.
Little Mermaid- Line too long. I loved the movie so I stopped by the gift shop. There were some sale item that are pretty good deals.
Backstage Pass- couldn't even find this
Backlot Tour- Catastrophe Canyon isn't as good as Universal, but also this tour shows more stuff. It was a nice short ride. I'd rather take this than the 3 hour Universal ride.
Goosebumps- Didn't watch the show, but went through the fun house. It wasn't much fun. It was basically a mirror maze, but the blast of air on your feet at the end scared me. The shop that put you into the cover of a Goosebumps book was neat. My little sister loves Goosebumps and would have dug it a lot. Also the computer artist were great.
Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set- Being a big guy I couldn't do much here. It has the nicest drinking fountain in the park. For some reason Disney parks have bad water (so you'll buy the 2.25 water bottles, speaking of which Disneyland drinks are about 2.50) Also the ground that feels like dirt was a cool effect.
Hunchback Show- Not as good as DL's but then again DL pulled out all the stops and built a super expensive, super big stage.
Muppet Vision- I love this ride. It reminds me how much I like the muppets. Not too much to say about the ride except I like it a lot. It had all the muppets, even the less popular one. The guys in the balcony cracked me up. Pizza Planet- very dissappointing. It looked nothing like the movie, but the pizza smelled really good. Again with all the WDW arcades the games were old. Star Tours- Exactely the same as DL- the entrance is better though. I don't get why outside it's supposed to be a movie set and inside it's the spaceport
Indy- I missed this. Lines too long
ABC Sound Studio- missed it. The fact that it's now One Saturday Morning didn't make it a must see
SuperStar TV- what is this?
The Great Movie Ride- went on this twice. Got the gangster the first time and the western guy the second time. I liked the ganster better. This ride was pretty good. We need more things like this in Anaheim. This wasn't just a ride, it was an experience. The animatronics could have been better though. Sorcery in the Sky- The best fireworks show I've ever seen.

MGM Note-
What is with the retro decor of the whole park?
Hollywood Brown Derby- very good food and atmosphere. I got lambchops. I had been craving them all trip long
ABC Commisary- Food isn't as good as Universal Comissary, but it's a lot nicer

Letter Two

Subject: A Note on WDW CMs
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Cast Members
I put the CMs I met on this trip into 3 basic catorgories: the friendly ones, the stressed one, and the jerks.
Let me start with the jerks and get the bad part over with. There was only one true jerk I met on my trip. As I said it was the Spaceship Earth CM. What happened was complicated and I'll admit we weren't totally innocent from wrongdoing, but what happend was just so trivial and accidental that the way he treated us really ticked me off. As anyone who has been to Epcot knows, Spaceship Earth is the ride just about everyone goes on first. The queue is in front of the ball and streches about 1/3 of the way around the base of the ball. The queue is pretty simple. A plain, winding series of straight lines and turns. When the line dies down by about 1 o'clock most people can walk straight into the entrance of the attraction through a walkway that leads straight into the ball. Once inside the ball you are almost immediately loaded on a vehicle. When my friends and I decided to go on the ride it was about 2 or three o'clock. The queue was empty and we entered the place where we has seen people enter the queue earlier in the day. By the time we went through the whole thing we discovered that no one was using the queue. Instead they had opened the walkway that cut the queue in half. The queue we were in led out of the queue. A large group from the mid-west was standing at the entrance of the walkway. I remember many members of the group wearing either Iowa State or Ohio State University shirts. They were taking pictures of the building, which I'll admit is quite impressive, and in the process holding up the line. There were maybe 15-25 people behind them. Since we exited right next to the entrance to the walkway and they had stopped a little bit in front of the entrance to take pictures unobstructed by the estimated waiting time sign, we walked in front of them and straight towards the entrance of the building. They must have been holding up the line for a while since there was no one in front of them (everyone who had been in front of them must had been seated already). The line that had been formed in back of them must had been a result of their holding up the line. Then the jerk CM comes up and yells at us. Now, I admit he had a right to maybe be mad at us and make us go to the back of the line, but he was so rude about it. I doubt he would have done the same to a group of older people, but a group of teenagers was OK to be rude to. Who was this guy anyways? He wasn't security (he lacked the security hat the security guys wore). I think he was the manager coming to check in on the CM watching the line and to find out why there was such a long line (a result of the group taking pictures and the CM being on a break and not being there to tell them to hurry up). This guy was dressed in the stereotypical management outfit: a long-sleeve shirt and tie despite the weather (I've seen enough of these guys in Anaheim to spot them when I see them). He tells us we either go to the end of the line (we were headed out by the time he said this), leave the park, or be removed from the park. I highly doubt anyone would have choose one of the last two choices. We were on our way out. We weren't too upset, but the threats to kick us out of Epcot was a little more than necessary. As we were on our way out the group holding up the line must have decided to proceed onto the ride itself. That made our leaving the scene mush slower. Seening that we couldn't go anywhere fast, the CM decided to pull a little power trip and make a scene. As we were proceeding towards the exit, he yelled at us. He screamed that Disney never makes their guests climb over obstacles to get onto an attraction (we had not climbed over anything). Then he said we should have learned our lesson and he would get us if we tried to cut again. This was too much for me and since I was the last one in our group on the way out I turned around and tried to explain. I was very polite about it, but since everyone in a 1 mile radius was staring at us I talked very loudly so everyone could hear our explanation and thus reduce our embarrasment. So he yells at me some more and I try to be polite. Finally I just give up and follow my group out of the line. We go to the end of the line pretty mad and embarassed, not the way you should feel anywhere in Walt Disney World. We then saw the CM get back from whereever he was. Judging from the way he had to fix his uniform I wouild guess he went to the restroom. The jerk obviously waited for the CM to get back. In the process the overdressing and humid Orlando weather had caused him to work up quite a sweat. He decided to finish the little scene he had created by yelling at the CM for letting us get in front of the line and then for abandoning his post. This mad no sense since he obviously could not have stopped us if he wasn't at his post. It took us two minutes to get to the front of the line, which only adds to how trivial this incident was. By that time the jerk was long gone. The CM must have get in trouble and he wasn't around either. This guy was the biggest jerk I have ever met in a Disney park. He totally doesn't belong in charge of Spaceship Earth. Disney know that Spaceship Earth would be the ride in the park everyone would go on. All the CMs (other than the jerk who was probably a manager) were attractive, young people. They were all very nice and didn't get mad when me and my two other friends all went for the same seat and you had three big guys (two of them football players) crammed in one seat. One of my friends had to jump out of the seat and run to the seat behind us. This was embarassing and dangerous, yet the girl working there just laughed at us and didn't get mad. The worst part about this whole incident is how pointless it all was. The line was about two minutes long and the only reason there was a line was because it was held up. We were too embarrased to look around outside, but at the end of the ride when you go down the steep ramp backwards we saw that there were 4 people behind us, the rest of the cars we could see were empty. By the time we got outside (didn't spend too much time in the global village) we saw that the ride was a walk-on. We didn't even get to enjoy the ride, we were so upset by the jerk.
Now that I've gotten that out of my system, let me cover the stressed ones. These CMs are like the cashiers in stores outside WDW. They are very tired and overworked. They don't show much personality, but still try to be polite and say thank-you, welcome, etc. They aren't necessarily bad people, just too tired to be energetically. There were only a few of these. Mostly in stores for one reason or another. I thought the stores were the least stressed job. No taking orders or worrying about safety of others. Maybe Disney just cast less energetic people here since they have less contact with guests. This stress also effects some of the food worker (especially at mealtime) and also some ride operators (especially the ones that just push a button to start the ride, the one that have more contact with guests suffer less from this, especially the ones that tell you where to sit).
And of course the friendly ones. These are the most abundant people we met. I made it a cause to have conversations with CMs when ever I go to Disney parks.They are usally the best sources of Disney info. The nicest guy was Eric, a Magic Kingdom Railroad CM. During the wait for the train we had a nice conversation with him. He told us how he got into being a CM with Disney and he was very interested in Disneyland. My friend and I told him all about DL. We went back to the train station later in the day and the guy still remembered us. So every CM, no matter how overworked, can be interesting and nice people if you open up to them. The best part about Eric was he also used to work at Food Rocks, our third favorite ride at Epcot, something we wouldn't know if we had not asked.
Now for some final thoughts on WDW CMs. They are different people than anywhere else on Earth, including Disneyland. They seem nicer than anyone else and each have tons of unique stories of WDW to share. Disney has created something unique in Orlando. In Anaheim most of the CMs are either college students in their late teens to early 20s or people who have a long history with Disneyland. Orlando has the college program students (didn't meet many since we didn't go in the summer), but also many interns. The CMs there wear name tags that not only have their names, but also their hometown on it. They have people from all around the world working there. This gives the world showcase a sense of authenticity, but also provides an interesting problem. In Anaheim the CMs are a close knit group. There work there because they enjoy it. In Orlando however many of the people are there to get ahead in the Disney company. The international CMs are tight knit, probably the result of being the only ones there that understand each other. Yet, still they are very eager to please the guests. They are enjoying the experience of working at a theme park. However, I rarely see them associating with people outside their pavilion, forming their all small groups. The non-international CMs don't seem to have the sense of closeness that the international ones do. I don't mean all of them, but many of them. In Anaheim all the CMs say hello to each other and can often be seen talking to each other while on breaks. The Orlando CMs just lack that sense of closeness. I attribute it basically to the size of the Orlando property. It is probably easier for the Anaheim CMs to all know each other. However, as Eric told us, the Orlando CMs are often assigned from one park to another, making it difficult to know everyone and develope lasting relationships, since on day they may be talking to the CM working Horizons with them one day and the next they could be woking with another CM working The Great Movie Ride.

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