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A Brief Chronology of the Circle Vision Films

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A Brief Chronology of the Circle Vision Films

Throughout the years, multiple Circle Vision Films have appeared at the theater in Tomorrowland
I especially remember American Journeys, and how impressive the visuals in the film were, specifically during the flight sequences. My mother, who was there in the first few years of its opening, especially remembered America the Beautiful, and the racing scene there. She especially disliked that portion of the film, and didn't want to go into any of them after that. I on the other hand have only loved the films I've seen.
Here's the list...thanks to Von Pluto (

Here's the lineup at Circlevisio 360 from the beginning--

Circle Vision 360 (Monsanto 71-80)(Black & Decker 84-87)
America the Beautiful 11/25/71 - 3/15/74
Magic Carpet ‘Round the World 3/16/74 - 3/14/75
America the Beautiful 3/15/75 -9/9/79 (new version)
Magic Carpet ‘Round the World 9/10/79 - 9/14/84
American Journeys 9/15/84 - 1/9/94
Transportarium 11/21/94 - 5/95
From Time To Time
Timekeeper 5/95 -
From Time To Time