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Desert Disney?

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Desert Disney?

Typically I do not like to post rumors up on the internet. I recieved this E-mail a few months back, and somewhat disregarded it back then. But, now I've been hearing more and more about this.....I was looking for reader feedback on this letter. What do you think of these plans? Does it seem true? Would you visit a Disney Park in Texas?

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 02:39:29 EST
From: Anonomyous

I have some important information about where Disney is going to build! For about the last 2 years, rumurs about Disney was going around! People were saying that Disney Was going to build between MIDLAND and ODESSA, Texas--------which is in West Texas, south of Lubbock! I finally, myself decided to do some serious checking around to see what I could dig up! I think you will be interested and so will alot of media crews.......Disney knows how to keep things hush, hush! The information I got was from several big company sources. It took me a little over 2 years to get the information that I know. Be careful with this information Please! It is vital to the building of Disney! Anyways.......About nearly 2 years ago, I heard someone in the public say something about Disney wanting to build here! I thought that it would be a joke, but later found out is was True! So.....about 2 months later, this banker in Andrews, Tx-- that we did work for said that Disney was seriously thinking about buying the land and would start contruction in about the year 2000. Well about another 2 months later......A lady that cuts my hair was telling me about what her husband does for a living. She said that he was an air conditioning and heating repair man! she said that he was at the office one day and they got a fax from the Disney co. It was a proposal on getting a price for 150 chillers. That was for the Hotels alone! Then for about a year I didn't hear many things that were important about Disney and started having doubts about the whole thing! Till about 5 days ago...........We did a job for this guy that works for a huge company here in Odessa. The name of the company is Rexene Plant. Him, his forman and all the other employees got together to have a big meeting on the construction.....And sure enough, Disney will start construction late 1999-2000! It will create 60,000 new jobs and will stretch up to about 15 miles to the north and about 15 miles east and west! Disney also bought alot of ranch property too.......the ranch is a real well known ranch in these parts......Disney did this deal with them.....they signed this 99 year lease or option to buy! So.......they DO own the land and they will start construction real soon!!!!!!!!!!!! It's gonna happen!!!!!!!! I know a few other details that would describe a little more about the park and additional parks, But I need to go! When you get this letter, E-mail me back! You may want to update your website with this new information ASAP! I'll be going down to the counties ABSRTACT and TITLE office in about 3 or 4 days to get the layout of Disney, cause it is public information and they can't withhold this information, due to the fact that people can build on any unpurchased land! By the way.......The name of the park is " DESERT DISNEY"! I'll talk to ya'll later! If I find any information, I'll pass it on to you guys! Bye