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A Happy Ending?

Attention sports fans, or those just interested in the Power Plant.  I have good news.  Six Flaggs Power Plant has been bought, and the new owners will open up a new sports themed complex inside of the old indoor theme park.  Who are the new owners, you might ask?  None other than Disney, and the Power Plant is currently being converted to an ESPN Sports Zone, to be opened up the summer of 1998.
According to the Stockholders report, "In 1998, we will open the first ESPN Zone in Baltimore, just a short walk from Camden Yards.  This will be a restaurant that is much more than a restaurant, featuring luxury box-style eating areas, an ESPN broadcast booth, massive viewing screens featuring ESPN sports feeds and a giant sports entertainment center that should get armchair quarterbacks out of their armchairs."
    Perhaps Disney does believe in happy endings after all :)