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The Forgotten Disney Statement
The Forgotten Disney project began in July 1997, as an extension of the
natural curiosity of the page's author Anthony Tomassi to find out as much 
as he could about the lost, forgotten, and unbuilt rides of Walt Disney World.
In its over twenty five year history, Disney World has gone through many changes,
but many changes were of smaller magnitude than those seen in the latter part
of this decade.  The closing of such rides as World of Motion, Horizons,
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and Journey into Imagination angered the author in such
a way that it became his personal mission to spread the word about Disney's plan's
about the future of certain attractions, and to show how foolish the Disney Company has
been in recent years.  Under Walt Disney, the Walt Disney Company flourished and grew 
in proportions not seen in a very long time.  Disney once said that Disneyland would
never be complete, that people would continue to build new things into
the future.  It is the authors opinion, and the opinion of many of those
who have visited this page that the Walt Disney company has lost this initial
vision, supplementing it with a vision of money and more power to the Walt
Disney Company.  This is not the dream of Walter Elias Disney, nor that
of the company that he began.  But since the takeover of the Walt Disney Company by
Michael Eisner in the mid eighties, a shift has been noticable.  It is the hope
of the author that perhaps through these webpages, the dream of Walt Disney,
will be perserved, and perhaps the modern day Walt Disney company will be
pursuaded into changing their focus from that of money, back to the enjoyable
family atmosphere that once was felt at Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland
Paris, and Disneyland in California.  Else, within the next decade many more
rides will close, and many more dreams will join the realm of Forgotten
Disney: The Lost Legacy.--Anthony Tomassi 9/2/98

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