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It Was A Journey Into Imagination

Its hard to describe Journey Into Imagination and how much of a wonderful ride it was. It was a look at the power each of us holds within our own minds to create the most wonderful things that could ever possibly climb any mountain and face any obstacle, if we only used our minds.

The central....ok, the central human.....character was a friendly bearded old man named Dreamfinder.....who, together with his sidekick Figment....who he created using his imagination, show us all the many different things that our imaginations can produce. The ride started by placing you on a circular track, where you watched a sort of pre-show, with Dreamfinder and Figment telling you that only 'One Little Spark' is all it takes to create the most wonderful things, and how anything is possible. Together, they collect these wonderful ideas in the 'Idea Bag', and once full....they take it [and you] to the dream port, where they create many wonderful, new things.

Upon entering the dreamport, you were surrounded with many different 'ideas', all catalogued and stored. You were taken through all the various rooms, containing funny ideas....scary ideas.. ..happy ideas.....and sad ideas. One of the favorite scenes was that of Dreamfinder painting a beautiful picture in which all of the colors kept changing. Another favorite, particularly of my mothers, was the winter wonderland scene, which featured a beautiful carousel of 'winterized' creatures.

It has been said that Journey into Imagination was the first ride that they officially worked on at Epcot Center, and it held a place for many years as the second most popular attraction at Epcot Center (the first being Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth, coincidentally, is also the most visited attraction in all of the theme parks.) I can remember many a morning, when we would arrive at imagination to find the line stretched down to The Land (and, mind you, we skipped Spaceship Earth in the morning), so you can tell that this ride was extremely popular.

Unfortunately, even though the ride remained very popular, Disney has once again found it necessary to close the ride and replace it. It is sad to see this first creation go....particularly since for many, many years Figment was the only real character for kids at Epcot. Initially, for the first few years, Disney did not allow Mickey and Minnie, and all their friends to roam the pathways at Epcot....and all references to them were not permitted at all. Gradually, that policy laxed, but many still remember a time when Figment was not only the mascot of Imagination, but also the unofficial mascot of the entire Epcot Center in general. And, being one of those people who remembers that time, it makes me sad to see that, once again, another memory has been killed by this current policy......yet.......
just remember that One Little Spark is all it takes to bring Dreamfinder and Figment back again.....and truly take a Journey into Imagination