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Welcome to Real Horizons, your source for 'Real' Resources of Horizons.

Real Audio
The pictures provided are scenes that coincide with the audio heard.

The Opening Murals
This is one of the sound files heard as you passed by the murals on line

'My wife's right--wait till you see...'
The opening narration from the ride

'People have been dreaming...'
More opening narration

Jules Verne

Jules Verne in his moon capsule

'People have painted....'

A view of the future from the past

The Robot Scene

Hear the Robot Whirring, and at one time the only place you could hear 'Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow' in WDW

The Imax Movie
Music from the Imax film

The Desert Scene

Sounds from the desert scene

The Underwater Class

The Underwater Class prepares for their dive

'Floating Cities, Amazing!'

Passing Underwater by the floating cities

Music From the Space Scene
As you passed by the space station.

Real Video

Real Video of Horizons
Featuring the Final Scenes of the Ride

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