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I passed through the front area, passing by the four murals. Along with each was an advertisement to come and live on the colonies in the murals. The city was extremely impressive, as the mirrors passed through the picture making the picture seem as thought it came alive. It was wild.

The cars hung from the ceiling, in perhaps one of the most interesting, and most definately quick loading system that I had ever seen on a ride. As your group of four sat down on the chairs, the doors in front of you closed, and you were soon left hanging, facing forward, passing through a group of clouds into a view of the future from the past.
It is then that you are introduced to the narrator and his wife, who live in the 'city' of the future. The first thing they introduce you to is Jules Verne, and his flight to the moon. Then, they take you through the decades taking you towards the 'future', until you reached up to the first Imax screen, which was an awesome experience in and of itself. One of the first things I remember was the Space Shuttle taking off, followed by a flight into a virtual city that really made you feel like you were flying. It scared me very much.
Now, having passed through the time machine into the future, you are greeted with a view of a future city.

Then, you are taken to the desert to find that they have made excellent advances in agricultural engineering.

The underwater sequence was absolutely incredible, and featured some of the best audio animatronics that I have ever seen.

Next, you came to the next Imax screen, as you approached the space station. This part was possibly one of the most stunning scenes that I have ever seen in a ride, and truly made you feel as though you were flying through space.

Your entry into the space station made you feel as though you you really passed through an airlock into the station, and you were then greeted by viewing a scene of a family in the future.

This scene was truly inspiring, as you then saw our dreams for future living in space, including exercise, and general living in a space environment.

After this, the ride coming to a close, you were then asked to choose the way you wanted to get home, space, land, or sea. Go to 'real horizons' to download video of these scenes. As you exited the ride, astounded by what you just saw, you passed by a simple phrase on the wall, one which has stuck with me all throughout. 'If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.' That sums up the feeling that the ride managed to give you, a feeling of inspiration and hope for the future.

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