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Thanks for the Wild Ride, Mr. Toad

If there is one experience that could describe the Disney was Mr. Toad's wild ride. Based on the movie 'Wind in the Willows,' Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in Disneyland was originally envisioned as an indoor rollercoaster......but that idea was then changed into a dark ride, and what a dark ride it was. Disney cultivated all the best ideas from all of the old carnival, state fair, and boardwalk dark rides, and made what can only be described as the ultimate dark ride. The ride stayed all on one floor....with a constantly turning track. As you rode through the town.....through Toad Hall...and to your final fate, your senses were imbibed with all kinds of quirky....strange.....and interesting scenes meant to make you scared, or laugh, or just have a combination of the two.

I'll always remember the first time that I rode the ride....and I laughed as we 'slammed through walls' ran all around town....I knew it would be my favorite ride. And then........the train came along. For those who know the ride, you know that near the end, before the descent into hell, you get 'struck' by a train. What happened was the basically you were led into a darkened hallway, and above you was a train light, which, as you approached, you heard the sound of the whistle coming at you.
I'll tell you, the first time I rode that ride, that scene scared me so very much (mind you, I was a young child at the time). That first ride endeared me to the attraction, and I made sure to ride it on every trip afterwards.

Well, the closure of this ride caused a ton of commotion. Spearheaded by the webmaster of, weekly 'Toad-in's' were held in front of the attraction, and the recent discussion has been about protesting the ride's replacement Pooh attraction.
For me, though, I loved Toad. And now realizing that the ride is completely gone, I can say that I have many fond memories of the ride.....and standing in line, hearing the same one to two minute sample of music playing over and over again. It was truly a wonderful time, and even though I often had to wait for a half hour or so to ride it, it was still my favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom.

As stated in previous pages....its removal signifies another removal of a part of Walt from the Magic Kingdom....and every time they do so, they remove a bit more of the magic from Walt's park.