His name was Iceberg.....

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His name was Iceberg....
Michael Iceberg

Who is Michael Iceberg?
Secret Agent
Sports Legend

None of these is true
Michael Iceberg is one of the most famous people in Disney history, besides Walt Disney himself. For years he played the synthesizer, taking requests from people in the Tomorrowland Terrace, and later the Tomorrowland Theater. According to readers of the page who have written to me, heres some interesting facts:

Before Synthesizers were commonplace, Michael Iceberg had the Iceberg Machine. Using his synthesizers and primative sequencers, he produced a show which according to one expert (see the article from the Aspen times) needed to be seen as much as Space Mountain. When in the Tomorrowland Terrace,

his machine was built out of silver foil, and rubber hoses. As he played, lights added to the effect.
Then, they moved him to the Tomorrowland Theater, where he had, as one reader says, a cool checkered pyramid and lighted keyboard behind his head.
He made an appearence on the Tonight Show, and he quotes Johnny at the beginning of his personal webpage as saying "He has something that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world..." Johnny Carson - The Tonight Show. While at the Tonight Show, he played an arrangement of the old Main Street electrical parade favorite, the Baroque Hoedown, and the William Tell Overture.
Then, supposedly he moved his show to Disneyland

Here are some pictures (with commentary) of Michael generously donated to us by Mike F:....(michaelf@mtco.com)Thanks again Mike

iceberg1.jpg (151645 bytes)
This is the beginning of the show - with blazing rays of lights and rolling fog the pyramid slowly opens.  Don't remember what music he was playing.  About the only song I remember him playing from this concert was "Nights in White Satin" by Moody Blues. I remember that he sneaks in through the back of the pyramid, dressed as a stage hand, sometime before the concert starts.

iceberg2.jpg (90353 bytes)
These vacation quality point&shoot pictures were taken at the Tommorrowland Theatre, DW - must have been early 80s, I guess. I think he is originally from Central Illinois - Bloomington to be exact and used to own a music store there called Iceberg Music. I could be totally off base on that...

iceberg3.jpg (86877 bytes)
The only gear I can recognize from this pic is the top keyboard. It is a "Prophet 5" from Sequential Circuits.  I think at this point he was also using sequencers from Sequential Circuits to play additional parts. The most distinct thing about his playing was the kooky facial expressions he made as he got in to the songs.

Most of this webpage was directly transcribed from an e-mail message from Mike F. (michaelf@mtco.com).
In addition countless readers have sent me info regarding Michael Iceberg over the years, and all of you that have have made this page a reality.