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Welcome to Boraden Your Horizons, home to the Committee to Save Horizons
As many of you already know, with the refitting of Future World, Horizons is slated to be closed right after Test Track officially opens up, to be replaced by a Space Pavillion. It is too late to save other rides in that area like The Universe of Energy (now featuring Ellen's Energy Adventure) and World of Motion (now Test Track). But, since Horizons hasn't closed yet (correct me on that if I'm wrong) its still possible to save it. Similar initiatives have been taken on the net to save other rides slated to be closed, like Mr. Toads Wild Ride. It is the hope of the members of this page that we will be able to save Horizons, before it is too late.

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Why I Love Horizons So Much

Real Video from an official Epcot Video of Horizons, and Real Audio from my own personal video.

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