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Remember The Magic

Well, you've stumbled onto my new page. This page is dedicated to remembering the magic that we've all felt at some point visiting any of the Disney theme parks. Unlike Forgotten Disney: The Lost Legacy, I am not limiting this page to just Walt Disney World. Actually, if anything can be said, Forgotten Disney is an extension of this page since FDTLL is filled with my ideas, impressions, and memories of forgotten ideas. But, this is much more opened ended than FDTLL. So, I am encouraging all of you to send in stories, pictures, video, sounds, whatever...of your experiences

Finally, we can remember the magic...TOGETHER

The Pages....:
Broaden Your Horizons A Page Dedicated to the Soon to be Lost Ride
A Wonderful World of Motion Dedicated to the now Defunct Future World Ride
Before Downtown Disney... Looks at the Marketplace and Pleasure Island in its early years
Illuminations and Beyond A Brief Chronology of the Shows that have taken place around the World Showcase
Busch Memories Features Readers E-mail about the Busch Family of Parks
On the Express... Gives a brief history of Birthdayland and Starland
More From the Land that Never Was An Update of My Original Page, featuring more Unbuilt Attractions
A Happy Ending? Looks at what is going to happen to the Power Plant building
A Wild Animal Kingdom Looks at the early days of Disney's Newest Park.
Disney Ramblings 2/28/98 My opinion on Disney
First Night Memories What we used to do on our first night at Disney World
Boardwalk and Baseball Memories The history of my favorite Non-Disney park
Legends of the Lost World Walt Disney World, in its early years
Micheal Iceberg a legend of Tomorrowland

Keep track of Forgotten Disney: The Lost Legacy for the latest update about how this page is coming along.